Customers reviews

Greg Wintroub, Chicago, USA


I had the fantastic experience of introducing my family to the wines of Mendoza this past February. With the help of Aventura and Wine our 3 generation vacation was phenomenal. Travelling with my 81-year old mother, my wife, my 29 year-old son and his wife and my 27-year old son and his girl friend posed an interesting challenge.

Aventura and Wine helped organize all of our tours. The choice of fincas and their styles were varied during all 3 days of touring. Everywhere we went we were well received. As our guide, Ana did an excellent job of preparing both the tasting rooms and our family. Additionally, the recommendations for accommodations were great!

Wonderful people meant the family has a memory to treasure forever - Mendoza, adventure and wine.

Natalia Kerkis, BRASIL

Aventura & Wine wine tour was excellent with attention to details and my personal preferences. It truly was one of the best trip I have ever made even considering I was by my own, I mean without friends or relatives. I had a very nice car, which yielded a comfortable ride thought several wineries I had chosen beforehand. I talked with Ana, the wine guide who showed me through the wineries, most of the way to the winery and all time during three days I spent in her company. She was really great; I learned so much, not only about the wine region and grapes, but also about the people of Mendoza, the culture, the habits, and so forth. I visited 12 wineries one different from another. At the Achaval Ferrer in its new site, fantastic view, we had a wonderful tour by Cristina, which was theory and practice join together in most wonderful way. The mountains and the fact that this winery has so recent history amazed me both. At Carmelo Patti, very good Cabernet, preserving the quality of wine made this small place unique. The presence of Carmelo in person with his pasion to wine made this visit unforgettable. And our lunch at Cavas de Cano was wonderful. We were served a wonderful food, from local ingredients with harmonized wine.

As well we were visiting the beautiful Carlos Pulenta with the breathtaking installments. It was beautiful sunny days and just the perfect backdrop for a delicious wine. With Ana I walked around the town and saw the park and squares. I enjoyed very much the wine tour and the excellent service I received. Actually it's difficult to call a service because I've got a friend over there. She has an excellent personality and I noticed that we were received with special care because of her charming and friendly nature. I had a great time on the wine tour exceeding my best expectations... really a "dream-like" one. I just wanted to thank Ana again for putting together such a fantastic wine tour. Hopefully I will be back sometime in the future with others amantes del vino.

Michel Lemieux et Jeannine Arsenault, Montreal, CANADÁ

Aventura and Wine made a difference in our trip to Argentina. Ana asked us what type of winery we would like to visit, the type of wine we liked and a number of other details that gave her the opportunity to design a tour based on our tastes. The people, the wines, the foods and the scenery were more than what we expected. We strongly recommend Ana as a guide to anyone who wants to visit Mendoza. Should we go back, we will definitely ask her to be our guide again.

Sarjeet Gill, California, USA

I visited Mendoza on a winery tour that was organized by Ana from Aventura & Wine. Having been to wine regions in two other continents (USA, Italy and France) and also in Chile, I have to say that Ana knows her area very well. I had contacted her of wineries I wanted to focus on - smaller wineries with that do Malbec. Although I had limited time (a day) Ana was able to get me to five wineries and the surrounding region. I loved her efforts, since she knew the wine makers, and as a result I was also able to get a better appreciation of this region. Malbec is now a constant part of my wine cellar!

Tyler Frank, USA

I have just travelled to Napa in June and enjoyed my time there very much. I should write retrospectively about Mendoza. What I have learned with your help about the wine world is simple... After studying the wine varietals for years, and then studying Terroir for more time...and finally thinking I understood what makes good wine...I keep coming back to one thing new....that its the PEOPLE who make wine. Not just the winemaker, or the vineyard farmer. It's the owner and his vision, it's the locality that supports the industry, it's the guides that carefully select the best places to show off the region, it is all of their combined passions which are carefully stirred into each awesome glass of wine that drips from the bottle. And I first had it shown to me in Mendoza, by you. You and the gentle true spirit of Carmelo Patti.

Maybe somewhere in there are the words you need. I hope you will go to the about my Napa trip and know that without you and Mendoza, I would never have understood Napa.

I wish you so much luck with the festival...I wish I could be there!

I found Aventura & Wine after a short search online for wine guides in Mendoza. Their website was helpful, offering email addresses of other customer contacts. Each customer I contacted was very satisfied with their trip, so I called and book my guided tour. Ana was my guide, and spoke English well. She is young and passionate about her region and her beautiful Andes Mountains. She carefully selected an itinerary which matched my wine knowledge, visiting the boutique winemakers in the region. My favorite was Carmelo Patti, and I am indebted to Ana and her company for letting me meet this special man. I truly came to understand not just the Terroir of Mendoza, but the more important passion of the People of Mendoza for their product. Aventura & Wine is a perfect pairing for travel in this region.

Karen Sullivan, Altanta, Georgia, USA

Thanks again for the wonderful tours you put together for our group last March. Mendoza is a beautiful city and the wine region is spectacular! The itineraries you developed for us were outstanding ... and you were the perfect tour guide. I am returning with a group in March (hopefully making it an annual excursion) and look forward to continuing to work with you and Aventura & Wine!

Janet Holland, Texas, USA

We enjoyed our wine tour very much. Our guide was delightful. We liked each of the places we toured - they were good choices. The tour guide was wonderful. Each of the vineyards we visited was special for different reasons. The lunch at Finca Decero was very enjoyable.

Dion Gengler, USA

We absolutely loved our wine tours with Aventura & Wine. Our guide was excellent. He does a very good job and is extremely professional and courteous. Patti and I both have a strong passion for wine and it was evident that our guide did as well. Our driver was very safe and prompt as well. The service from Aventura was excellent. I would recommend Aventura & Wine to anyone that is going to Mendoza for wine tasting.

Nandita Pakrasi, San Francisco, USA

Boris and I really enjoyed our two excursions with our tour guide. The wine tasting trip was a good experience, especially as each winery offered a unique and different process to make high quality wines. The gourmet lunch was delicious! We had a beautiful day to visit the Andes. Our guide told us some interesting stories about the places we visited, especially the Puente del Inca, which was really fascinating. The short hike to see the mountain Aconcagua was fun! Overall, we are lucky and happy to have booked the tours with Aventura & Wine as the personalized and private tours were better than going in a big group with others. The price was reasonable and we are very glad to have those experiences. Argentina is a wonderful place to travel and our honeymoon has been much more than I expected because the people here have been friendly, helpful, and fun in every place we have traveled so far. Thank you for your help in organizing our excursions. We have beautiful memories of Mendoza and a bottle of wine to take home with us that we plan to open on our first wedding anniversary.

Forbes and Joanne McLellan, CANADÁ

We had a wonderful experience in South America. Our visit to Mendoza was perfect. Our guide was well informed, well prepared, attentive and a gentleman at all times. We were pleased to have had him as our guide for the two tours we took with your company. The full day trip to the mountains and the half day wine and lunch seemed a perfect mix for our time in Mendoza. The hotel you recommended was lovely and met all our needs. I have particularly enjoyed the correspondence with you. You always answered all our questions promptly and had good suggestions. We did cross the Andes on the bus, and although I found it a little scary, I'm glad we did it. We will be pleased to give your company a great recommendation to anyone we know visiting Mendoza. We are already thinking of our next trip to South America and if our paths take us to Mendoza we will be in touch with you. Many thanks.

Garry and Linda Smith, CANADÁ

We were very happy with our guide who was gracious, professional and knowledgeable, the driver and van, with the selection of wineries and with the lunch. We were more interested in getting a tour of the countryside than visiting a specific winey and the 4 wineries that we visited were quite different, which was nice. It was a good day and the time was about right for us. Mendoza is a beautiful and unique city and we were fortunate to be there during the wine festival. We enjoyed all of Argentina and were sad when it was time to leave.

William Guthrie, USA

We absolutely loved Mendoza and its people. As for our guide, she was the best!  She patiently answered all our questions and was so knowledgeable about all the wineries that we visited and others that we could just see. My family enjoyed spending part of our vacation with her. Our driver was very good as well. Our vacation continued on to Cordoba.  We recommended Aventura & Wine services to others that we met in Cordoba. You should be hearing from them in the future.

Andrei Kowalczuk, AUSTRALIA

The wine tour with Aventura & Wine was the 3rd wine tour that my partner and I did while in Mendoza and we had a great time. We loved that unlike the other tour companies, this tour allowed us to hand pick the wineries and totally customize our day (including where we ate lunch), which just made the whole experience more personal and intimate. Our guide was polite, friendly and knowledgeable. She knew that we had already done 2 tours and she made an extra effort to keep the tour interesting for us, while not repeating information we had already heard on the other tours. Lunch was fabulous and one of the highlights of our stay in Mendoza. We will definitely be back to Mendoza and we would love the opportunity to do another fabulous customized tour with Aventura & Wine.

Katherine Wilson-Milne, New-York, USA

I had a fabulous time on your tour. My guide was lovely and I enjoyed spending the day with her. The wine was great and I especially appreciated the visit to Domaine St. Diego as it was off the beaten track and less inflated in both price and reputation. But everywhere was good.

Nikola Smith, London, ENGLAND

Just wanted to let you know that the spa was amazing! Thanks so much for your help.


Jennifer Merloo, USA

Our tour was absolutely amazing! And our guide was fantastic. He was professional, knowledgeable, and extremely personable. I will recommend your services to my friend who plans to travel to Mendoza next year. I can't say enough what a wonderful experience we had. Thank you!!!

Candy Coursey, USA

Thank you again for taking care of my requests.  I appreciate the very good job you did. The wine tour turned out lovely.  Even my granddaughter enjoyed herself. Our guide was very good at her job of explaining the wineries to us prior to our arrival and making sure the tours moved along.  Her English was good and she was able to answer our questions about Mendoza and the surrounding area. She is friendly and engaging and makes one feel comfortable. The driver was also pleasant and spoke English quite well and of course knew the area. As I told you, my husband and I have visited wineries in the Mendoza area before and we grew up in California near Napa/Sonoma and have visited the wineries there many we were familiar with the process.  However, my daughter and son-in-law and granddaughter had not been in the Mendoza area prior to this visit.  Also, Dawn (my daughter) was able to use this visit for her work. At each of the wineries we all learned something new.  Each winery was different enough to have a few methods or techniques that varied from the other wineries that made it interesting.  Each winery had its own style and we liked different varieties at each of the wineries. We are all partial to Malbec's and were surprised by the Petit Verdot and a couple of Cabernet Sauvignon's.  As I said, our granddaughter also enjoyed herself.  She paid attention on the tours and actually asked a couple of good questions. This experience will be something she will remember and will have learned from. This is the second "offical" time that we have used the services of Aventura & Wine. I have recommended your company to our friends in the past and will continue to do so.

Joel Antipuesto, San Francisco, USA

Thank you so much for organizing our tour in Mendoza. It was definitely a highlight of our trip. I think it was a good mix of wineries that we visited. Our guide was a great, helpful and we enjoyed his company very much. Please let him know we appreciated the recommendations he gave us for other places to check out while we were in Mendoza. We will definitely recommend you to our friends who visit the lovely city of Mendoza.

Joel and Carolyn Cooperman, USA

We returned home safetly, with wonderful memories of Mendoza.  Thank you so much for helping to make our stay so enjoyable. It was wonderful to meet you and our driver. We found you to be very knowledgable and it was a pleasure to spend time with you. I realize that we contacted you only one day before our tour. We thoroughly enjoyed both of the days that we spent with you. We will never forget the drive into the Andes. The scenery was spectacular, and the company made the day relaxing and fun. You will have great success in the tourism industry. It was our good fortune to meet you.

Shveta Mujumdar, USA

The wine tour that you organized for us was fabulous - we very much enjoyed it and our guide was a fabulous guide. Thank you very much for organizing the trip for us - we would definitely recommend it to others!

Ken & Diana Spiker, USA

We had a wonderful time with you in Mendoza. We were truly blessed to have you for our guide.