Quebrada de Humahuaca

Departing Salta city, we visit the picturesque villages of Purmamarca, Maimara, Tilcara, Uquia and Humahuaca.

Departing from Salta city. We will pass by several different villages until we arrive to Purmamarca, with the amazing Hill of 7 Colours. Visit Tilcara, famous for its relics of the native Incas, especially the “Pucará” which was used for observation and defense of the village and has been partly reconstructed.

Arriving in Humahuaca (2939 meters above sea level) We will walk through the lovely city center, where villagers of all ages sell everything from typical music instruments, tea and leaves of the coca plant to arts-and-crafts of all kinds.

At lunch time you will have the opportunity to taste delicious regional specialties like empanadas, humita en chala, goat meat, tamales, locro (popular Argentinean stew) while listening to traditional songs from the Andes played by a folkloric band. Music is very important in this region, which is why there can be found a wide variety of instruments, like the sicuris, quena, caja, erque, etc.

It includes: bilingual guide and private transfer.