Mountain tour

An amazing trip through the Cordillera de los Andes, going along the Mendoza River. There we will visit Potrerillos Valley with its dike and the beautiful mountain that surround the valley. The mountain already shows thousand of colors from the different geologic folding that created the Andes. There are a lot of colors given by the sandstones and clay. We will stop at Uspallata Valley, just between Cordón del Plata and the foothill. Then we'll continue until Puente del Inca, this natural formation is a geological wonder, surrounded by legends and myths. We'll enjoy the small market of local artisans. Our point of return will be 15km from the border with Chile, where we will appreciate the view to the Aconcagua (with 6959 m above the sea, the highest peak of the Americas). For the people who would like to trek, we offer a route beginning at the international route to Chile and finishing at the Horcones Lagoon, in the Aconcagua Provincial Park. This trekking tour lasts approximately 1 hour. We offer two lunch options:


  • Option 1 (only in spring and summer) - A gourmet picnic. Along the route we choose a place of our preference either next to a mountain or to a river, always surrounded by the amazing Andes Mountain.
  • Option 2 (all year round) - This option does not include lunch and you have the chance to choose the restaurant where you would like to have lunch at.



"We returned home safetly, with wonderful memories of Mendoza.  Thank you so much for helping to make our stay so enjoyable. It was wonderful to meet you and our driver. We found you to be very knowledgable and it was a pleasure to spend time with you. I realize that we contacted you only one day before our tour. We thoroughly enjoyed both of the days that we spent with you. We will never forget the drive into the Andes. The scenery was spectacular, and the company made the day relaxing and fun. You will have great success in the tourism industry. It was our good fortune to meet you."

Joel and Carolyn Cooperman, USA